The Five Second Miracle

by: Barbara Burns

Seven years ago today (3/25/07) God saved our lives from our Cessna 150 Airplane crash.

There were several miracles during this rescue that took place in a matter of two minutes:
1.  Our neighbor, who is a volunteer fireman, was in his yard when he witnessed the plane in trouble.  His wife called 911 and he ran to our rescue across the road from his house.
2.  The people who owned the house we hit had just arrived home fifteen minutes prior to the accident. They had been gone all day. If no one had been home, we would have died in the accident.
3.  The man who lived in the house that the plane hit was built very strong and God used him and the neighbor, who first saw the plane, to help save our lives.
4.  These men tried to get me out and was unable to do so; they ran to the other side of the plane to pull Dan out to safety.  When they returned to get me, I was already on fire.
5.  I was then pulled out over the pilot’s seat; and I was not out five seconds before the plane exploded.
6.  It was a blessing that no one was hurt from the explosion.
7.  A patrolman was in the area when he got the 911 call and was on site in exactly two minutes. The plane had already exploded but he was able to control and protect the onlookers.
8.  Dan had planned to land in the field behind the house that was clipped by the wing of our plane.  Had we landed in this field, no one would have gotten to us in time to save us.

Other miracles that stemmed from this accident were as follows:

1.  We were flown to U of L Hospital where Dan was told it would be several weeks before he would be able to walk.  Dan was up and about after five days!
2. Dan’s mother helped nurse him, and Barbara’s Brother helped her for several days.
3. After two weeks we returned to our home to a recovery that took about nine months.
4.  The help of family and friends helped speed up our recover time by providing us with food, rides to doctors, etc.
5.  Since Dan’s employer retired the Friday before the crash and Barbara’s company closed,  they had no income.  So, Grace Covenant Church of God had a benefit sing for us to help until Dan was able to work again.
6.  While Dan was still in a cast, his Brother commissioned him to make an entertainment system.  Then another member of our church gave Dan an order to make book cases for their new house.
7. When Dan was finally ready to start working on his own, he built a storage shed for the strong neighbor who helped pull him to safety.

Dan has said that all his life he never had a dramatic story to tell about how he was saved and became a Christian (because all his life he was reared in the church).  Now he tells everyone he is walking proof that there is a God and that it was God who was the driving force behind the County Sheriff’s Department, the County EMS, the Austin Police and Fire Departments, his neighbors and friends on how quickly they all pulled together as first responders to make our recovery so successful.

Danny and Barbara Burns
Austin, IN

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