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The History of the Grace Covenant (Austin) Church of God
Dillard Goodin Jr.

The Austin Church Of God was set in order Friday,
January 18,1946 by Brother B.M. White and State Overseer G.
W. Lane. Six people presented themselves for membership.
Brother Clark Napier, Sister Samantha Napier, Brother Hershel
Couch, Sister Oda Couch, Brother Dillard Goodin Sr., Sister
Clarice Goodin. On Sunday , January 20,1946 Sister Malvery
Napier and Sister Helen Adams were added to the report sent to
Cleveland bringing the charter membership of our new church to

After the church was set in order Rev. White told us he
had a pastor for the people to consider. The pastor was W.L.
Foster of the Shelbyville, Ky. Church Of God who was living at
that time in Charlestown, Indiana. The church excepted Brother
W. L Foster as their pastor by vote of the members. Brother
Foster was not present at the meeting. The meeting was
dismissed by prayer. ( minutes recorded by Brother Dillard
Goodin Sr., Church Clerk.)

The service was opened in prayer on Sunday, January 20,
I946. The first Sunday School was started and officers and
teachers were elected. The number in attendance is not known.
Rev. W. L Foster was present and set the Sunday School
in order. Rev. Foster then held his first service as Pastor of the
church. After the morning service there was a business
meeting. Brother Dillard Goodin Sr. was elected as clerk of the
church. A building committee was elected to help raise funds to
build a church building. Brother Hershel Couch and Brother
Clark Napier were to help Brother Goodin with the finances of
the church, (minutes recorded by Dillard Goodin Sr., Clerk).
Rev. Foster was sent to be our first pastor. Rev. Foster
was such a fine man it would have been hard to have found a
better person for the job. He had been living in Charlestown,
Indiana, but pastored in Shelbyville, Ky. before he came to
serve the Austin Church. Pastor Foster had a large family, but
never moved to Austin from Charlestown, Indiana.
In the fall of I945 before the church was organized, Rev. J.
David Pitts of the Jefferson Street Church Of God in Louisville,
Ky. came and helped us get the church going.
Rev. Boswell of Clark County, Indiana was a friend of Rev.
Foster. One day he gave the pastor an envelope. When the
envelope was opened it contained $350.00. This was the exact
amount needed to purchase the land to build the first Church of
God in Austin.